Modified Square

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  • 3 points of centering T-square effect (45°- 90° degree angles)
  • Tri-square effect
  • Handle-like squaring
  • Regular squaring
  • Measures height and depth simultaneously
  • Squares pipe flanges in two moves
  • Ability to square around an over-hanging edge
  • Stair stringer layout (tread and rise marked in one step)
  • Great for marking your spindles from rise to tread
  • Marking and measuring the holes in the web of beams in one move
  • Floor joist layout
  • Transfer line for near-side to far-side for reference work points

Carpentry: notching out 2 x 4's and trusses, stair stringers, framing, layout of double corners. Both exterior and interior surfaces could be checked for square or be marked for measurements.
Cabinetry: Measuring and squaring of inside and outside corners in one move. Great for measuring depths and heights. Incisive for squaring overhanging edges.
Draftsmen/Architects: Drawing double horizontal lines, double vertical lines and double corners in one move.

Shipyard Applications
Dry Dock: around the edge of bulkheads and square. Fits structural pipe.
Wet Dock: square pipe and structural steel in wet dock. Due to the inability to use a level on water, provides pipefitters squaring in two moves.

Draftsmen: drawing double lines (45°- 90° degree angles)
Marking work points on the inside and outside of lumber and other materials
Bricklayers can use for 2-pole squaring-off brick
Crown molding layout
Straight edge line marking
Stair stringer notch-outs

Other Fields of Use:
Construction of Homes and Buildings
Engineering Manufacture of Products
Pipe fitters/Plumbers
Machinists/Machine Shops
Structural Steel Fabrication/Layout and Fitting
Do It Yourself Folks
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